Case Management: Platform Changes for Staff and Faculty

ConexED Case Management: What Will Change?

Group User Edition: For the Faculty/Staff Role and Above

With the launch of ConexED Case Management, faculty and staff will see a Case Management button and menu on the left navigation pane of their ConexED platform. All group users will see this menu regardless of whether Case Management has been set up or enabled. 

Case Management Menu

When Case Management is set up, group users will access their students, cohorts, milestone requests, milestone alerts, and reports from the Case Management menu.  

My Students

The My Students page lets group users see all of the students in their assigned cohort.

  • The All Students tab is where a group user can manage a milestone, mark it complete, and send a notification to the student.

  • On the My Students page, the Student Lookup tab is where a group user can search for individual students by full name or email, filtering by cohort or milestone.

  • The Notifications tab is where a group user can view and reply to notifications.

Milestone Completion Requests

When Case Management is set up and enabled, students can submit milestone requests. Faculty and staff will see their students’ requests on the Milestone Completion Request page.

Milestone Progress Alerts

Faculty and staff will see their students’ milestone progress alerts here.

Milestone Status Reports

Faculty and staff can run milestone status reports for individual students or for cohorts.